POGONA HENRYLAWSONI (red, yellow, hypo etc.)

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POGONA HENRYLAWSONI (red, yellow, hypo etc.)

Message  Kati Gee le Mer 7 Aoû - 19:39

Hi there.
I am Kati from Germany.
I don't speak french so I write in english.
I am looking for fremale Pogona Henrylawsoni with special colors like red, yellow, hypo etc.
Is anybody going to the fair in HAMM in September and want to sell one?
Please contact me with picture of the Henrys at kati.g@live.de

Thanks a lot!

Kati Gee
Oeuf d'Agame
Oeuf d'Agame

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Re: POGONA HENRYLAWSONI (red, yellow, hypo etc.)

Message  chiendeprairie le Sam 10 Aoû - 8:10

Hi Kati,

no problem for english
so i've
*18 tiger babies
*13 eggs just layed from
male clear yellow (my bloodline)
female yellow (from pair yellow male reptifit X female yellow of my bloodline)
*2 female Tiger pregnant with one silver eyes
*1 female pregnant kaki of my bloodline X grey male netherland bloodline

many eggs and future babies will be keep to look color evolution
you could talk easiest with me on my FB page link sent on your mail


plus nous sommes nombreux et plus notre savoir est grand... mais nos anneries aussi
Henrylawsoni avant? oui. Henrylawsoni encore? oui oui. Henrylawsoni toujours? oui oui oui! Morale: henrylawsoni = oui ? :p
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